Localife Edmonton: Full bellies and minds

October 13, 2012


Localife Edmonton held our second event on October 13, 2012. It was a great mix of some seasoned YACC family members and some new friends to add to the mix.

After holding the first event at Ashley’s, we decided to switch things up and head over to Dan’s place. Not only did we get to enjoy the spectacular river valley views of the city, we also got to participate in a rousing ping-pong tournament and Dilly Bar-eating competition. Okay, the latter didn’t really happen, but the Dilly Bars did make a repeat performance!

The plan for the evening was to have a chill pizza and movie night surrounded with great people, conversation, and food. It was evident from the get go that the attendees were all so wonderful and warm. Conversations started easily and people were quickly engaged in discussions.

We all easily chatted amongst ourselves and despite snacking, we quickly realized how hungry we were and ordered a spread of some ‘za. We had healthier vegetarian options and some pizzas to please the meat fans, and spiced it up with some variety; we even had butter chicken pizza for those willing to try it (for the record, it was delicious!).

Since many were new to YACC, we let our new friends know of the programs and Retreats that were available. There was some interest into Retreat Yourself and Retreat Yourself Adventure; us Albertans are crossing our fingers we may have another Retreat Yourself West out here again!

Popcorn was popped and a movie was selected, but everyone was enjoying each other’s company so much that we did not even watch a movie. By the time everyone left it was well after 1 a.m. and not only were bellies full of food, but our hearts and minds were full as well with the knowledge that there are some pretty amazing people in our local growing young adult survivor community.

We are gearing up for another activity within the next two months before everyone gets too busy for the holidays. We are already brainstorming some ideas, so we promise that you will be hearing from us very soon!

Until then, keep it real!

Dan and Ash

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