Localife Edmonton: Localife Edmonton is mastering the “all day hangout”

May 4, 2013


With the arrival of spring, Edmonton Localifers took advantage of the warmer weather on May 4 for another awesome event! We indulged in some great conversation, good food, and even better company on a lovely patio off Whyte Avenue prior to taking in some culture and finest popcorn in the city at the historic Garneau theatre.

The movie was called Wrong and was a quirky look at one man’s loss, and how he deals with it, in a bit of an artsy and unusual way. We all agreed the movie was entertaining, although left us all a bit perplexed, however our bellies were full of popcorn so we all left happy!

While some people were only able to come for appetizers, and some were only able to come for the movie, an enjoyable time was had by all! So much so, that after the movie, great conversation flowed into the lobby of the theatre, so we decided to make our two-part eventing a three-part evening, and those who could stay joined us for some amazing chai tea at a cafe across the street!

We were stoked with the success of this event and the opportunity to meet some new faces in the Edmonton area! We are thinking of planning another event outdoors now that it appears the nice weather is here (fingers crossed!) Keep your eyes and ears open for an event likely popping up in July. We will keep you all posted with the details as soon as we figure them out!

Keep it real,

Dan and Ash


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