Localife Ottawa does Winterlude

February 20, 2014


Sunday February 8, was a gorgeous, sunny day in Ottawa. Localife met at City Hall to attend our second Winterlude event. This year we chose to look at the ice sculptures and check out some of the neat little wood huts around the grounds. The 12 of us split up into smaller groups and walked around to check out everything going on in the park. Some people tried adding coloured ice blocks to premade sculptures, and others went and checked out wooden toys and maple taffy. The group had many newcomers to Localife, so there were great conversations going on.

We all met back up and headed out to a local pub to enjoy some tasty appetizers to warm us back up. It gave everyone a chance to chat and also an opportunity to discuss the upcoming Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Once we had all warmed up, we headed back outside.

We originally planned to skate on the canal, however we decided to watch the show on our new rink of dreams. Those of us that stayed enjoyed watching some figure skaters finish off a show before we headed out on the ice to attempt our own figure skating moves.

It was a great way to close out Localife Ottawa’s second Winterlude event. We are now looking forward to our March Maple Sugar Bush Event. More information will be coming soon!





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