Localife Ottawa: From Tobogganing to Lonestar

January 30, 2014


On Sunday, January 26, the weather was a little chilly but overall it was a perfect, sunny day. Localife Ottawa had planned to go Mooney’s Bay Park for an afternoon of tobogganing on the hill. Unfortunately, for the whole week prior, the temperature had been yo-yoing up and down due to the polar vortex and many of our group came down with the flu.

Despite the lower than expected turnout for tobogganing, we carried on and had an awesome time. Afterwards, we went to Lonestar Texas Grill where we shared in a Fajita Fiesta platter and had some great conversations, laughter, and overall good times.

The winter season can be a tricky time for outdoor events. The weather can be unpredictable and people do get sick with colds and the flu. Even though this event didn’t go exactly how we anticipated, that won’t deter us and we have some more great outdoor winter events planned in the coming months. We are taking full advantage of the season! Stay tuned…


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