Localife Ottawa: The start of another year

October 14, 2014


Localife Ottawa kicked off our third year on September 29, 2014 with a little bit of luck — a potluck, that is!

As we have the previous two years, we partnered with the Maplesoft Centre to kick off the first event. We had a great turnout with plenty of Localife alumni and first-timers. Everyone brought delicious appetizers and desserts for us all to enjoy. To start us off, we had a veggie platter, chips, dips, and homemade salsa!

As people started to show up, the conversations started to flow as everyone enjoyed the apps. Our main course was shawarma from Shawarma Rosana, who generously provided us with more make-it-yourself shawarma than we could have possibly eaten!  As we settled into our shawarma the conversation continued. Some memorable ones were:  awkwardly sitting on the sidewalk posing for photos beside wasp infested garbage cans, what to do with head lice in a public swimming pool (which led to a conversation about bed bugs), trying to catch wily escaped lab monkeys who throw their poop at you.

As the shawarma coma began to slowly creep over us, we brought out the delicious potluck desserts that people brought to share: cupcakes, chocolate loaf, cookies, and dessert squares. We all got our second wind thanks to the sugar and the conversation kept easily flowing for the rest of the night.

At the end of the night, there was still a mountain of shawarma left. The leftovers were divvied up among those who wanted them and we bid each other all a fond farewell until next time.

Speaking of next time, we changed it up a little this year. We’ve planned our entire calendar in advance so that you’ll know   everything we have planned and the tentative scheduled event dates!

We are currently finalizing the details for our next event scheduled for October 25 when we’ll be doing some spooky Halloween pumpkin carving! Keep an eye out for more details soon!

LL Calendar 2014-15

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