Localife Ottawa: “Your sweater is absolutely hideous”

December 1, 2012


How often can you say that to someone and mean it as a compliment?

We just finished hosting our third Localife Ottawa event and it was fantastic. The Ultimate Ugly Sweater Party was a great, intimate evening filled with amazing food, wonderful conversation, a hilarious movie, and lots of laughs.

Naomi and Palmer, two fantastic YACC alumni, were our hosts for the evening. It was the perfect space for our small group of survivors. They had decorated their apartment and everything looked festive, warm, and welcoming.

Everyone brought some delicious dishes for us to eat. For starters, we had bruschetta, pita and hummus, and quinoa salad. The mains were chicken with biscuits and “spangy” mystery balls. We finished it all off with chocolate fondue with fruit and chocolate chip cookies.

We ate, we watched a holiday comedy, and then we chatted well into the night. Overall it was a great way to kick off the holiday season.

We hope you all have wonderful, happy holidays, and if the Mayans are wrong and the world doesn’t end, we’ll see everyone in the new year!

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