Localife Ottawa’s last event was hilarious

August 20, 2014


Localife Ottawa went to our first comedy event on July 31, 2014. Our group was small and had some new and returning faces. This was one of our more centrally located events, and we all arrived at almost the exact same time, which was a nice start.

We first went out to get some appetizers at one of the local pubs located along Elgin street. Nachos seemed to be the appetizer of choice and the pub made a great plate. This gave us an opportunity to chat and get to know each other and catch up for a few others.

We headed to Yuk Yuk’s and grabbed our center row seats just in time for the show to start. We were entertained by four comedians for the evening which included Julia Hladkowicz as our MC, Matt O’Brien and Rebecca Kohler as the main acts, and a surprise visit from Don Kelly.

Thankfully (or not) we were not the center of the show as has happened at other comedy shows! One of the men in front of us wore a tasseled shirt, and another group had a lot to say. It kept the evening interesting, and laughs were had by all — I will say Matt O’Brien gave those of us who wear flip flops on a regular basis a great laugh!

After the comedy show, we headed outside for a final photo before departing ways.

Stayed tuned for our next event!

Your Localife leaders,

Meghan and Chris

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