Localife Toronto: Facing fears in the freezing cold

January 30, 2014

With the sun shining bright and a crisp–CRISP–chill in the air, Localife leaders Bonnie and Peter facilitated the second annual Localife Toronto outdoor skate day at Harbourfront in Toronto.

Several new faces joined our group since the Big Cancer Hook Up in Toronto in November, and some faces we haven’t seen in a long time joined us, as well. We were also honoured with the youngest supporter so far for an event–18-month-old Lily who was supporting her mom with her dad.

Since Bonnie lived up to facing her challenge of singing two songs at karaoke in front of the Localife crew, Peter kept his bargain and got in ice skates for the first time in 20 years to do two laps. Peter says her singing was way better than his skating!

Although the ice on the rink was cold, the conversation, Game of Things, food, and hot chocolate kept everyone warm once we got inside. A great time was had by all–skaters and non-skaters alike–and anticipation is high for what we have in store for our next event. Have we raised the bar too high? Nah!






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