Localife Toronto: Laugh it up!

January 11, 2013


Event three went really well for our first weekend event and the facilities were fantastic. Although there were a few no shows, we managed to wrangle all the survivors and supporters to some great reserved seats for the show.

The comics for the evening were amazingly funny and approachable after the event was finished. We’d been “called out” during one comic’s performance when he said, “So, we have some cancer survivors in the audience; guess I can’t make that joke.”  We laughed harder than anyone!

Several new faces in attendance and familiar ones where we all got to chat after, play pool or even X-BOX for those inclined. It’s always so inspiring to see survivors network and connect instinctively in such an immediate way.

We’re doing something great here in Toronto and I really believe we’re doing our part to make isolation less of an issue, one survivor at a time!

-Peter & Bonnie

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