Localife Toronto: “Livin’ La Vida Loca(life)”

October 24, 2012

Last night proved it doesn’t matter how many people are there, or when they arrive, because Localife will always provide a rocking time!

We had participants show up at all hours of the night. The venue was super accommodating. They had set up their private room for us just as planned. The host of the venue directed all our guests to the private room where a buffet table was set up with finger-licking good food.

Once a good number of us had arrived and filled our bellies with quesadillas and chicken fingers, we rounded up to get to know the group a little bit better. Although, we didn’t have to because the group was mingling well all by themselves but we thought it would be fun to use the thumball for a few good laughs anyway–some good laughs indeed!

When we finished the round, it was perfect timing to go up for some karaoke which started at 10 p.m. Again, the venue was very accommodating that they brought up the remaining food to our tables upstairs and even reheated the hot platters for us.

Some rounds of drinks (not provided by Localife) were indulged by some before the first person took to the microphone. I was wowed by many of your wonderful voices! We got lots of great pictures and videos captured of the night. We had a lovely rendition of “Part Of Your World” by one of our participants. Then, we got a really dirty version of the same song by someone who I would consider a regular to the venue. I’m not sure if that was captured on video, but you definitely had to be there to witness this tear-jerking performance.

Thank you to The Fox and Fiddle on the Danforth for being such a great venue to host such a great group, and thanks to everyone who came out to socialize with your survivor peers and belt out some great tunes.

I’d say we’ll have to do another karaoke social in the future.

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