Localife Toronto: Superkick’d Cancer — YACC edition

May 5, 2015


With spring around the corner and fresh beginnings all around us, Localife Toronto explored a new event for our survivors with a live wrestling night highlighting wrestler/survivor Ashley Priest (A.K.A. “Ashley Sixx”).

Acknowledging his treatment anniversary and his return to the ring, this was a chance to see Ashley showcase what cancer did to his attitude — to both his fans and his opponent (I felt sorry for the guy). A bevy of testosterone charged moments — spare the mixed match of boy vs. girl (Bonnie was cheering her on!) — we got a night of high flying entertainment, smack talk sass, and possibly a new supporter/space monkey for Bonnie at our next event.

Ashley’s journey with cancer has given him an opportunity to express his survivorship through his craft, and that championship belt for the night didn’t hurt. Although not the most conventional form of expression, his drive stands clear and his passion is relentless. No matter the direction, we hope all young adult survivors find an outlet that gives them a voice for all their moments — be them large, small, or power-bombed through a table!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.58.00 PM





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