Localife Toronto: You can lead a pin to balls, but you can’t make it strike!

November 15, 2014

Localife Toronto bowling

Localifers returned to RINX event centre for a new activity this year — private bowling lanes and music video goodness!

We had a male-dominated event for attendance for the first time since Localife Toronto’s inception — a personal observation on the part of this author and testicular cancer (TC) survivor. The humour of four TC guys in the room at a bowling event wasn’t lost on our little clique.

The event ended up being an intimate night with a bit of rain outside. Survivors and supporters alike enjoyed the thunderous crashing of “Strike!” as scores climbed. Though the turkey remained ever elusive, the three lanes that we played were celebrated with joyous cheers as we bowled on.

Some of us were new to 10 pin bowling and weren’t prepared for the fatigue of long play with heavier balls or the sudden “lollipop sound” when a sweaty thumb dislodges from a thrown ball. However, the tasty snacks and tailored music videos through the night built a sense of warm accomplishment in personal scores, connecting with old friends, welcoming new ones, and knowing our next get together will be just as much fun (and hopefully gutterball free!).

See you at our next event!

Peter (and Bonnie)

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