Localife Toronto’s 2nd year starts off on a “sharp” note

October 16, 2013

LLT y2e1

Starting our year with a karaoke night was only natural after all the hype and excitement from last year. The number of new Localifers was inspiring, as was the number of singers! (Which even included Bonnie! Twice!)

Bonnie says she was flying high on her feet every day waiting for karaoke pub night to arrive, not because she wanted to sing, but because she was looking forward to the reunion! There were a lot of catching up to do for many of the 18 people who attended, and it was like a mini reunion of the Survivor Conference.

The group used a Thumball as the evening’s icebreaker. It ended up getting juggled between two attendees for “best/worst/first” as old and new friends enjoyed great food and conversation.

Peter says moving upstairs was “epic” with the group taking over an entire length of bank seating. The songs were flowing from the Localifers and supporters with some really fantastic vocal, theatric, and original moments!

We’re really proud of our Localifers in their connections, sharing and vulnerabilities that only reaffirms that karaoke is the great equalizer!

-Bonnie and Peter

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