Localife Vancouver works on their bowling skills

Localife Vancouver works on their bowling skills

LLV E 6 Photo 1 Single Bowler

On the very first day of June, Localife Vancouver drew out nine people for Monday night bowling and appetizers. It was a very warm evening and we were all happy to be gathered around a table full of nachos, chicken wings, and yam fries.

It was our second event at the Zone Bowling Centre and we had just as much fun testing our skills when it came to knocking down five pins with a very small — and yet very heavy — ball. Highlights of the evening included watching our top speed and the awesome graphics that would arise when one of us hit a spare or strike. It was so much fun we all decided to add on another thirty minutes just to see how high our scores would reach.

As always, the best part of the evening was getting to connect with each other and just hang out. Bernadette and Lisa appreciated seeing each one of you, and we can’t wait to post about our next event! STAY TUNED!

LLV E6 Photo 2 Bernie and Hannah

LLV E6 Photo 3 Group Shot

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