Look who’s Shaving for the Brave!

Look who’s Shaving for the Brave!

The 2010 Shave for the Brave is on and momentum is building across the country as Shavers sign-up to sacrifice their hair and raise cash for young adults with cancer.

Head Hunters are receiving their “Shave in a Box” as they register their school or office to host a Shave.

And Mane Mamas (who aren’t necessarily moms) put their badges on daily and go to work promoting the coolest cancer fundraiser in Canada.

Trust us–when you Shave for the Brave, you feel the cool, but we’ve got you covered with our iconic yellow Shave toque. By the way, the only way to get one of these babies is to shave or donate 10 inches of hair.

This event is YACC’s biggest fundraiser; roughly 50 per cent of our annual revenue comes in through this event. But it’s not just about the cash–the Shave gives YACC an opportunity to raise awareness about our cause, about the unique issues young adults face when dealing with cancer and about our programs to help them deal. The Shave for the Brave is the fuel that is driving our growth as an organization.

Since 2006, we’ve almost 3,000 Shavers have signed up. They are as young as three years old and as old as, well, we respect our elders. They are ladies and gents, guys and girls, firemen, teachers, students, cabinet ministers, the list goes on.

Our sights are set high this year. We’ve got a inter-provincial school challenge lined up as we look for Canada’s Bravest School, we’re looking to hit the 1,500 Shaver mark, and you won’t believe the high-profile lady who’s going bald in support of young adults with cancer!

You can shave for the Brave wherever you are, or support one of our brave shavers. Hit shaveforthebrave.ca for all event info.

Stop thinking. Start shaving!

Live life. Love life.


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