Looking for a great blog to follow? Try The Great Balancing Act

imageSusan is a 25-year-old health and fitness blogger from New Brunswick. Her healthy living blog, The Great Balancing Act, has recently taken a turn toward her cancer diagnosis and treatment. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June 2011.

She talks about the issues we know you’re dealing with like diagnosis, not fitting in anywhere at the hospital, her first chemotherapy session, how to have fun while hospital-bound, and dealing with changes in the life you lived before.

The Great Balancing Act is a great read if you’re looking to hear more from someone who really gets what you’re going through. You can also check out our links section for some other perspectives. As always, let us know who your favourite bloggers are (email angie@youngadultcancer.ca) and we’ll share them with our readers. They could be anyone from fitness experts, to healthy chefs, to mental wellness afficianados, to cancer survivors.

In the meantime, good luck to Susan as she walks down the road many of you have already become familiar with. Keep up the positive attitude and continue having fun!

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The Great Balancing Act