MAX and YACC are making wellness easy!

January 19, 2015

After a great partnership built on the success of Surge for Cancer, we’re pumped to announce our brand new collaboration with MAX Fitness and Conditioning Centre — a six-week wellness challenge to help you take teeny, tiny steps to becoming that healthier human you resolved to be back when this new year started! (Let’s be honest, some of us have let that one slide.)

We got together with Peter Barbour to film super short videos with super simple challenges to inspire you to bring a little more movement, wellness, and fitness into every day. We took his experience as a kinesiologist and Max’s wellness director and our knowledge of the YACC community to come up with a schedule that should appeal to most, encourage chatter across our social channels, and help us feel even better than we did today. Feel free to modify the challenges to fit your current health, fitness supplements levels — our main intention is to get you to try something different.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to get involved, too! We all spend a little too much time on our tuchases!

Keep your eye on YACC’s Facebook page and Twitter over the next six weeks, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the thrice-weekly challenges delivered to your inbox. Most importantly, tell us what you think!

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