Meet the newest members of our team!

November 20, 2015

Leah and Alicia copy

We are thrilled to introduce you to the two newest faces here at YACC HQ!

Leah Wade has joined our team as our Senior Fund Development Manager. She brings with her over 13 years of business development and leadership experience, and has a lot of great stories under her hat about living in the Middle East, vacationing to go San Diego whale watching, and more!

Alicia Quann‘s experience with non-profit and community-based organizations in New Brunswick led her to YACC as our new Fund Development Manager. While she has only made St. John’s her home for a couple of months, she’s about to get a crash course in its awesome residents through the 11th Annual Shave for the Brave! For more shaving for a cause experience, visit or buy their new product , the “shaving cream warmer.”

Visit our profiles page to learn more about Leah and Alicia and the rest of YACC’s team!

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