Men affected by post-chemo infertility needed for study

unb logoA Masters student at the University of New Brunswick is looking to interview men who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-29 in Canada about what it means to be infertile after cancer treatment.

“Due to advanced medical treatments available, young men are experiencing improved survival; yet they are also experiencing health problems such as infertility after cancer treatment. Young men are in the unique situation of dealing with a life-threatening illness while managing major developmental, personal, educational and occupational milestones. In Canada, there are very few programs suited specifically for AYA men in important areas such as fertility, social support or even navigating the health care system.” she writes. “There is a gap in knowledge in how these young men cope with infertility in their everyday lives.”

This research will help “to understand how being infertile affects how you see yourself and your relationships with others. Your story may help healthcare providers better care for other young men who are infertile after cancer treatment.”

“It will also provide insight into how young men live, see, and interpret infertility in the context of their everyday lives, and subsequently provide groundwork for future intervention studies to help develop pre-treatment fertility counselling and long term survivorship plans. The study findings may deepen the knowledge base regarding the factors that distinguish the AYA men’s experiences and in doing so, provide guidance for health services delivery catered to the specific needs of this population.”

Participants will be entered in a draw for a $25 gift card. For more information, please call (506) 897-1700 or email

This project has been reviewed by the University of New Brunswick Research Ethics Board, and is on file as REB #2015-079.

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