More details about the Survivor Conference 2010

July 19, 2010

It is July 19, so as promised, here are some more details about the Survivor Conference 2010.

This year, we are making some changes that we hope will help you navigate the conference program. The first major change is the location. The conference is taking place in a hotel just beside St. John’s Airport. Upon your arrival, you will be able to get your conference package at the information/welcome desk open which will be open all day on Thursday, November 4. Someone from YACC will be available to answer questions and help you.

Also, based on your comments from last year, and based on the connections we made throughout the year, we have speakers lined up who will come offer interesting, stimulating, and inspiring workshops.

First in line: Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, FRCPC


Spending some time with Dr. Rob: Learning how to heal while integrating the mind, body and spirit and the Western Medicine.


Dr. Rutledge is a Radiation Oncologist at the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. His specialties include breast, prostate, and pediatric cancers. His research interests in psychosocial and spiritual oncology, health promotion, and professional caregiver health have resulted in dozens of academic presentations internationally.

In 1999, Rob co-founded the Skills for Healing weekend retreats, a support group program experienced by over 1000 cancer patients and family members in 14 cities across Canada and abroad. The retreats teach a powerful and integrated approach to the cancer diagnosis and draw on the vast teachings of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Rob is a dynamic and passionate speaker. He has touched the hearts and minds of thousands with his compassion and wisdom by presenting scientific knowledge and providing insights gained from serving people dealing with life threatening diseases. Doctors Nova Scotia presented him with the 2006 Health Promotion Award in recognition of his contribution to physician health and health promotion in oncology patients.

Rob is the founder and chair of the Healing and Cancer Foundation, a charity whose mission is to empower people with science, wisdom, and compassion. Through documentaries and sharing the retreat teachings through the web, Healing and Cancer hopes to facilitate healing in those affected by cancer at the levels of body, mind, and spirit.

We will get to spend a morning with Rob and will also get to practice some of those skills.

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