My Left Nut: Cancer Comedy Show in TO!

Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto will be hosting Daniel Schneiderman on Wednesday, April 21, from 6:30-800pm while he performs his nationally acclaimed one-man show: My Left Nut.

In his show, Daniel candidly describes the events from discovering a lump on his testicle to hearing the dreaded phrase, You have cancer and how he managed to turn this life-altering news into something positive. The performance is bold, honest and filled with humour.

Although My Left Nut deals with the subject of cancer and the importance of early detection, it is ultimately about overcoming the challenges life throws at you no matter how daunting. My Left Nut leaves the audience entertained, educated and inspired and talking openly about the touchy subject of nuts.

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Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto. 110 Lombard St, Toronto, ON. M5C 1M3