Need help to get on The Rock for the Survivor Conference?

August 31, 2009

The answer: YACC’s 10th Annual Climb!

As you all know, registrations have started for our Survivor Conference happening from October 22-26, 2009 in St. John’s, NL. In order to help you get to the Conference, we have travel assistance for those who need it, based on the province where you live. Knowing that the travel assistance, as helpful as it is, might not be enough, we have something else to offer you.

This year, YACC is celebrating its 10th Climb anniversary and the Climb happens to be on the same weekend as the Survivor Conference, on Saturday afternoon, October 24, 2009, what a beautiful coincidence! The Climb is approximately a 45 minute walk up Signal Hill, a historical hill downtown St. John’s. The Climb is on a paved road (not involving getting lost in the woods, having to camp in the middle of the climb or rock climbing ;-P ).

We have decided to use this opportunity to help you raise some extra funds for your plane ticket! If you register and Climb Signal Hill with us, you could get family and friends to sponsor you. The money you raise (up to the amount of your plane ticket) will go towards your travel. Any money raised above your plane ticket will go into the travel assistance pot to help another young adult.

There is no obligation to do so, but if you are interested in adding a Climb to your amazing Survivor Conference weekend, we will make it happen for you. We included The Climb in our Conference schedule and it will be one of the options on Saturday afternoon.  If you decide to raise some money and Climb with survivors, family members, and friends from St. John’s and other communities in NL, you won’t miss any scheduled program. We will get anyone interested to Signal Hill on Saturday afternoon and everyone back at the end of the day.

If physically, you are unable to Climb on foot, but still want to raise some money and be part of this symbolic event, you can still register. We are in the process of making the necessary arrangements to get any survivors unable to climb to the top of Signal Hill.

How do I register?

To register and start raising some money, connect with {encode=”” title=”Karine”} and she will send you your survivors link. The link was created exclusively for our survivor that is the reason why we ask you to register and do everything using the link we send you. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email and everything you need to start raising some money.

If you want information on the Climb, you can check our website  just don’t register there (the general public will register through our site).

There are two ways to raise pledges for The Climb; online and in person. For online pledges, donors can visit the site (to get the link, again you have to connect with Karine at {encode=”” title=””}

to search for your name and give by credit card. For all other donations, you may download a pledge sheet through your link and go to town! PLEASE NOTE: the physical pledge sheet is for OFFLINE donations only. DO NOT record your ONLINE donations on this form. If you ONLY have ONLINE donations, you DO NOT need to bring a pledge form with you the day of The Climb.

If you asked for travel assistance, we will still send you your cheque and we will keep track of your pledges and amount raised until the conference. After the event, we will send you a cheque with the extra money you raised, up to the total cost of your ticket. If you raised more than the cost of your ticket, the extra money will be added to our travel assistance budget and will help another young adult get to the conference.

Anyone interested in climbing Signal Hill can register and raise money for YACC. As you know, the majority of the money we raise yearly goes to support programs (Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, etc.). This could be an amazing way to raise awareness among your friends and family and also help yourself (and maybe someone else) get to the biggest young adult reunion in Canada.

You still have more than 2 months before the conference, who knows how much you could raise by then.

This year, YACC is dedicating The Climb to the survivors who are no longer with us. Some of them you have known, loved, been inspired by. You can Climb for yourself, someone you love, the cause, anything that gets your heart racing.

For any questions about the process or the Conference, please connect with me at

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