Not all side-effects are untreatable


Some of the stress around a cancer diagnosis is from fear that side effects will persist long after treatment is completed. The Patient Resource Cancer Guide says a lot has been done to help alleviate some of these conditions and people should try new methods or therapies before they accept their new body to be as good as it gets. Don’t give up on a treatment just because it doesn’t have immediate success.

Everyone is different and your experience may not be the same as someone else’s. It can be comforting to learn you’re not the first person to go through it, but don’t expect your path to follow the exact same steps as the person ahead of you. Also, not all side effects are the same. Some will come on immediately and last for a short while, such as nausea, while others will show up later on, such as joint pain.

The type of treatment you receive is the main indicator of which side effects you may experience. It could vary from prescriptions and medical attention to physiotherapy or acupuncture.

The best way to prepare yourself for potential side effects is to ask your healthcare team. Some questions you should ask are: what are the possible side effects, when will they occur, and how long should they last?

We strongly recommend that you take a look at their informative post to learn more about common treatments and side effects and ways to approach the subject.


Patient Resource Cancer Guide

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