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 Localife leaders

Kathy LL profileMy name is Kathy Stock, and I am a wife and mother of two young boys (Caden and Preston). My husband, Jason, and I were married in South Carolina in 2003 and spent the following eight years living in the Southern USA between the Carolinas and Florida. We decided to move back to my home province of Newfoundland in 2011.

I am a regularly-performing musician and public speaker. I was the musical entertainer for TEDxSt.John’s in 2012, as well as the opening speaker/performer for author Gabrielle Bernstein in 2014. I became connected to YACC during my own cancer battle in 2013 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I am currently in remission, healthy, and stronger than ever.

My name is Jody Mason; I’m 38-years-old and living with metastatic colon cancer since 2011. I enjoy sports, movies, cooking, comic books, and anything pop culture related. I began my involvement with YACC after my first remission back in 2013 and have helped, and spoken at, numerous events sharing my story and letting people know that you are not your diagnosis.

As part of the St. John’s Localife leader team, I hope to help bring a new, fun-filled attitude to an already fun and entertaining group. I am energetic (when I can be), creative, and an overall fun guy. I want to bring the current and future YACCers together to let them all know that even though Newfoundland is a small place, you aren’t alone in your fight! We are here to help you get out and socialize with other survivors and people living with cancer like myself.