Participate in a study on LBQ2 experiences with gynecological cancers


Researchers across the country are working together on Cancer’s Margins and the Choreography of Knowledge: Toward a Queer Biopolitics and the Mobilization of Public Health Knowledge, a study on the experiences of LBQ2 (lesbian, bisexual, queer, and two-spirited) women and trans people in relation to breast or gynecological cancer.

“Ours is the first Canadian study to address the culturally-specific knowledge transfer requirements of LGBT2Q people who have been diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer,” said Kirk Furlotte, one of the researchers (and two-time Shaver!).

The team is looking for more participants to interview, so please feel free to get involved!


Participants are interviewed for 60-90 minutes about their experiences. All interviews are audio recorded, with the option of video recording as well.

Please contact your regional representative to participate

British Columbia
Dr. Mary K. Bryson or Dr. Lorna Boschman

Dr. Janice L. Ristock or Janelle Trenaman

Nova Scotia
Dr. Jacqueline Gahagn, Kirk Furlotte, or Evelyn White
1-855-494-7809 or 902-494-2213

Dr. Tae Hart or Chris Rahim

Dr. Geneviève Rail



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