Participate in clinical trials to help speed up system improvement

This article is based in the UK but it is still important for young adults in Canada to participate in clinical trials and research. We can’t know what you need unless you help us figure it out.

Dr. Jeremy Whelan in the UK says there are fewer clinical trials available for young adults to participate in than the younger and older cancer treatment groups which is slowing down the improvement and development of treatment options for that age group.

Whelan says there aren’t enough trials in enough places with the appropriate age restrictions to make enough adequate studies on youths and young adults. He also acknowledges young people have different commitments and they don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate to a trial.

Lorraine Clifton, chief executive of CLIC Sargent, says, “While participation in clinical trials is important, it is also critical that teenagers and young adults with cancer receive age-appropriate care which recognises the distinct needs of this age group and is able to meet their holistic clinical, emotional, psycho-social and financial needs.”

The fastest way to improve cancer care in Canada is for survivors, supporters, and health professionals to work together. Tell your nurse or social worker about Young Adult Cancer Canada and what it’s meant to you. The more people they refer to our website, the more young adults we’re able to help through their own journeys.


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