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July 15, 2011

I attended my first YACC Retreat in the summer of 2007, a little over six months after I had finished treatment for a diagnosis of a rare ovarian cancer. I was still searching for people who understood what I was going through and could ease my mind about the post-effects of chemotherapy, as I was having many issues.

I found more than I knew I was looking for. I met so many people who “got it” and were there to support each other over the last four and a half years across the country by email, Facebook, and visits through Survivor Conferences and the filming of Wrong Way to Hope. I found coping tools and felt comfortable talking about what I felt I couldn’t with my family and friends. It was safe and with many people in different stages of their journey; I gained insight that I would be ok.

People I meet at Retreat Yourself are so amazing; I now have people all across Canada that I can connect with. There weren’t West and East retreats when I first started attending, so though you won’t meet many people from across Canada, you’ll meet those that are a bit closer to you which helps with keeping connections tight.

I love the fact that I’ve been asked three times now to attend as a peer supporter. I am honoured by this actually, as meeting all of you really does make my heart bigger and allow for me to experience life to the fullest!


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“You don’t have to grasp onto the old, when you can embrace the new.” – Jen Luce

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