Photo diary: Retreat Yourself Adventure 2016

October 11, 2016

YACC’s program director, Karine Chalifour, posts daily recaps on Facebook during Retreat Yourself and Survivor Conference. Here is a compilation of what she saw and felt during Retreat Yourself Adventure based in Rocky Harbour, NL from October 6-10, 2016.

Day one


Completed! It was full, it was real, it was beautiful! We are all ready to make this retreat what we need it to be. We will explore our limits, support each other and see where that leads us. This group is made of beauty and strength and I know it’s going to be another power house of a retreat! As for the picture with this post — it is meant to represent how slow the wi-fi was on my computer. Don’t look for a meaning, there isn’t one other then not having access to the pictures on my computer, so the carpet in our room was the next best thing! Good night!


Day two


Another day, same feeling of joy, pride, love, excitement, and fullness! We hiked The Lookout Trail today and it was amazing. Everybody pushed their limits and went beyond moments of doubts to ever make it to the top, well, maybe except Jordan who we’re pretty sure flew up the hill. It was so awesome to see the little groups of people supporting each other, taking breaks together, and pacing each other. Feeling grateful to share this with this group. We are ready for what tomorrow will bring, and Geoff, we will respect the mountain, I promise!


Day three


WHAT A DAY! We climbed mountains! Some of us made it to the top, others made it to another top a little lower then the top:-) Both experiences were filled with ups and downs, but mostly ups, which is awesome! I don’t think we could have asked for a better day. Full sun, 20 degrees, and a group of people supporting each other throughout. There are a few reasons why YACC’s motto is “YACC’s got your back,” and one of those was all over today. We had each other’s backs in the ups and the downs and that was so beautiful to witness. Huge thanks to Gros Morne Adventures; Sue, Bob, Megan we could not have made it without you! Tomorrow my favorite part: ziplining! Good night!


Day four


We had another amazing day made of laughter, courage, and support. Ziplining is always an amazing experience and many people overcame a huge fear of heights with the encouragement of the group. Really awesome to see. Closing circle was exactly like our group: real, profound, and filled with love. Scribblish made for an evening so full of laughter. We all felt so thankful to be together and to have had the opportunity to share such an adventure! The transition back home will be hard but the memories we made make it all worth it! Thanks to everyone for who you are and what your brought. Happy thanksgiving!


Going home


And it’s a wrap! What a gracious group of people we had! They were grateful every moment for everything. Lesley and I are so grateful for them and also for flying back home and not driving in the rain for seven hours!

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