Registration is open for Retreat Yourself 2012!

January 3, 2012


We are thrilled to tell you that we are accepting applications for Retreat Yourself in 2012!

There will be two Retreats this year: Retreat Yourself West in Morley, AB from May 3-7 and Retreat Yourself East in Cape Breton, NS from July 19-23. You are not restricted to applying to the Retreat in your area, but it is recommended in order to cut on your travel time and costs.

We have lined up two new locations for a change of (breathtaking) scenery which provide a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to aide your experience. Our program is purposely loosely structured to allow you to feel at ease and to address your most important issues. Most importantly, you will get to build tight connections with a small group of young adult cancer survivors.

Please visit the Retreat Yourself section of our website and contact if you have any further questions.

Space is limited, so apply today!

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