Registrations are coming in!

August 7, 2009

About a month ago, we posted our first official invitation for our next Survivor Conference. Since then, more than 20 of you have already registered and I keep receiving new forms every week! It’s really shaping out to be incredible! YOU have the power to make this event everything that it can be and will be. I don’t want the pace of registration to slow down! With 20 in a month, we will quickly reach our maximum capacity of 60!

Try to picture this; 60 inspiring, fun, loving, informed and motivated survivors in the same room.. 60 people sharing their story, what they have learned, what works, what doesn’t.. 60 people being silly, relaxing, and having fun..60 people invested and interested in the future of young adults, and working together in making the rest of their life, the best it can be.  Do you see it? I do, and it looks amazing!

Many alumni survivors are registering and some new ones as well. Reading everybody’s forms, I feel the same energy. It’s filled with openness to see old friends and make new ones, to share and to try and put our heads together to make things better.  Every facilitator we spoke to is excited and feels privilege to be part of it with all of you. At YACC, heads are bubbling, phones are ringing and we are all working together to get things ready for this big event.

If you have not registered yet, do. If you know a survivor who does not know about us, share the good news.  😉

Can’t wait! Can you?

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