Retreat Yourself West 2012 in real time

May 7, 2012


Ever wonder what Retreat Yourself is all about? Were you unable to make it this year? The best way to understand Retreat Yourself is to be there, but the second-best way is to read an insider’s account.

Karine Chalifour and Shali Manuel are currently wrapping up Retreat Yourself West 2012 at Nakoda on the Lake. Karine was posting feedback all weekend on Facebook, but in case you’re not friends with her, here’s a recap of what she had to say:

Wednesday, May 2

Awesome night with our Retreat team. This will be another EPIC weekend! (11:39 p.m.)

Thursday, May 3

RYW2012: Day 1 is over and we witnessed listening and attention at its best. Thanks to everyone. Your stories, true, and told from the heart are what make these events so special and so unique. (12:40 a.m.)

Friday, May 4

First group session on the go. Isolation is the topic this morning with more then half the group asking to talk about it. Let’s open our heart and listen to our stories. (10:20 a.m.)

RYW2012: Day 2 coming to an end. Truly a wonderful day. The weather was awesome, the mountains big, the food great. But what really made that day so great was the company. I am going to bed full, content, and giggly. See ya tomorrow. (1:20 a.m.)


RYW2012. Nakoda on the Lake continues to grow on all of us. Great customer service, great people, great food and what can you say about the location other than…”have a look at what’s in my backyard!” (1:26 a.m.)image

Saturday, May 5


Nakoda on the Lake this morning…Thankful there is an indoor pool and a giant fire place! (10:20 a.m.)image

Day 3 RYW2012: Fear of dying and of recurrence discussion this morning followed by Lindsay Drabiuk talking about our spiritual health. Should be a morning of connectedness, soul searching and support. (10:40 a.m.)

Vision board time! Peaceful creativity. (4:58 p.m.)


Nothing like a good game of Popcorn to finish a great and intense day!
Thanks to Mikey and Bonnie for introducing this to our world. (11:24 p.m.)image

RYW 2012: Day 3. The roller coaster of emotions continued and everyone allowed it to be. Going to bed humbled, tired but more inspired than yesterday and I know the weekend is not over. Thanks to everyone’s heart. (11:28 p.m.)

Sunday, May 6

RYW2012: Day 4 completed. Endbeginings for all of us. No easy words to describe our last day together. Feeling very grateful. Thanks to all who made this possible. (1:45 a.m.)

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