RYA2012 took to the sea on Friday

August 18, 2012

Everyone’s hands were occupied with paddles on Friday, but we managed to get one shot from the main event! Read on to see what Geoff and Karine had to say:

From Geoff’s Twitter:


“Looks like cliff diving this aft, if we can find the stairs?!#RYA2012 btw ocean is 22 degreesĀ #awesome

Karine always offers a thoughtful recap at the end of the day, and this is what she had to say about Friday:

“Today for our RYA12 group of champions, we were taking on the Atlantic! We kayaked on the ocean in beautiful Bonne Bay like a bunch of pros! The decor was stunning; the company incomparable; the sandwiches (miam, miam); and the level of adaptation, patience, laughter, signing, calm: unforgettable. When your biggest low point is a blister, I think you can call this a great day!

“Thank you group for working together in making those days so meaningful. Tomorrow, we take on Gros Morne!”

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That’s a wrap!

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