SC2012 day 3: Lean on me

November 4, 2012


Wow. That’s the easiest way to sum up Saturday.

Frédéric Messier opened the day and opened our hearts with a short talk on his experience as a caregiver to his wife, Weifun, and the aftermath when she passed away. He brought us all into his story and touched almost everyone in the room. It was the perfect way to start the day that included the community walk (more on that later).


We then moved into more workshop sessions. Dr. Heather Palmer and Jennifer Chown led another two-hour session on brain fog for those who didn’t attend on Friday.

Dr. Anne Katz came back to lead two workshops: one for singles and one for couples. These went over like gangbusters and we’ll post some notes and tips over the next couple of weeks for those who weren’t able to attend.

Glen Oliver also came back for two back-to-back sessions on insurance. We learned there are a lot of questions and issues surrounding health, life, home, travel, long term disability, etc. insurance, and Glen did a great job at answering as many as he could. Participants found answers or suggestions to questions they had carried for a long time.

The 7k for 7k happened after lunch. Geoff encouraged us to “Celebrate, remember, change” as we walked through High Park. Absent cancer buddies were remembered and thought of no matter the circumstances surrounding their absences. The group went to a nearby Swan and Firkin for some pub grub and to unwind before dinner. Hearts were open, emotions were raw, and maybe some people moved beyond some things that were holding them back.



After dinner, everyone learned more about YACC at the Marketplace. This was a new idea as a way to tell people about all the things YACC does without another PowerPoint presentation. We set up seven stations to teach people about Localife, Retreat Yourself, Retreat Yourself Adventure, online engagement, third-party events, our governance, and the Shave for the Brave. Groups moved around in teams and received eight-minute presentations at each table. When they had seen all of them, they answered questions based on each. The members of the team with the most right answers are now eligible to win one of three trips to a YACC event of their choice in the next year. That’s a pretty cool prize!


The night ended thoughtfully and low-key after all the highs and lows of the day. Some people played board games, some people got pizza, and some people sang karaoke, but the day ended thoughtfully.

Thank you all for letting your emotions out when you had them, comforting those who wanted comfort, respecting those who needed space, and enjoying the moments when things were light-hearted. You’re beautiful people.

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