School’s in session!

School’s in session!


It isn’t just the kids or university students heading back into schools this month, our dedicated and enthralling YACCtivists are heading back to the classroom as well with our very own YACC Cancer Challenge!

What is the YACC Cancer Challenge, you ask? It is a program for high schools geared toward communicating a message of hope, inspiration, and the power to overcome challenges in life. Our YACCtivists have overcome their own challenges and they want to use their personal story help others.

Becky and Heather have been in their communities for a few months now and they are rockin’ the school systems in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, but we are also very excited to introduce another teammate! Gerrad is located in Ontario, and he’s ramped up to tell you more about how he overcomes challenges while dealing with a chronic cancer.

Welcome to the team Gerrad! We know you all will make a huge impact this year!

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