Shifting Gears: Another Step

Shifting Gears: Another Step

We continue to go in the right direction, and right now one of the most important ways is “home,” after leaving the hospital that is. As opposed to staying in the hospital.

I was back today at lunchtime, as usual, and was feeling the best yet this week after having a low grade fever most all of yesterday afternoon and evening. The fever eventually started to drop a little around 9 last night and then I woke this morning feeling pretty well. Certainly the best I’ve felt this week or last. Seems the drugs are working at some level. However my guidelines for the next 24 hours have continued their trend of tightening.

It seems that since starting the IV antibiotics I’ve had my “rules of engagement” tightened (engagement meaning the parameters by which I must go to the ER) as my general well-being has improved. In a game of cat-and-mouse it seems that my body has managed to stay almost exactly one step ahead of the rules my Doc lays out for me.

For example, last night I had a low grade temp of 38.2, which ultimately broke and this morning was 36.7, a nice comfortable reading. But if the same situation were to happen tonight I would be required to go straight to hospital, as tonight’s “rules” are that I am to go to the ER if my temp hits 38 at any time.

The logic in my head works… as I get more antibiotics in me, I should be handling this infection more effectively, thus my condition should be improving. If my condition was not improving at a rate consistent with expectations then we would have to adjust strategy.

Here’s hoping that my temp stays down tonight, we don’t have to adjust strategy, and that tomorrow’s dose of antibiotics will be the last required. I will keep you posted.

Live life. Love life.


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