Shifting Gears: Balancing Nicely

Shifting Gears: Balancing Nicely

And here I am again, away for a while, again, but not because I’ve forgotten about writing or haven’t had things I’ve wanted to say and share. But as I have resumed activity in the working world I definitely do have less time to let my mind just roam and relax.

Many things have happened at once and I have learned that as I have more structure to my work day/environment I have also learned that I used to work way too much. When my office was at home and I was working by myself I would have my computer in front of me all the time, constantly playing with ideas or writing emails. Since moving my office out of my house and renewing my commitment to balance I’ve been leaving my computer at my office most nights.

Big step for me that took a while to make happen. But now that I’m in the groove most nights, I am relaxing more, letting my mind drift away from work a little bit, and I’ve also realized that I worked too much. Always learning and this is no different.

Today as I drove home from work I did have this nice comfortable feeling inside, the feeling of balance that I’ve really been working for, and I’m sure will still have to work for. It’s not that I’m there but more that I’m getting there.

Last Monday, March 31st we wrapped up the 3rd annual Coins for Cancer Drive. We had an amazing final “collection ceremony” at Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John’s and this past week or so has been spent tying up the ends of everything. Fortunately this has been a big job as the event was bigger than ever. So far the numbers look like this…

– Over $18,000 in coin, and counting!
– 20,000 RealTime Cancer ribbons distributed throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.
– Over 100 outlets participated and the most significant element is that the awareness of RealTime Cancer got a major boost from this year’s Coins Drive.

It was a very busy month but it was a great one. That awareness piece is so important as the majority of the population believe that RealTime Cancer is the “Canadian Cancer Society”, they believe that when they support the “Society” they are supporting us. That is not the case and as we are our own organization, with our own mission, and our own bills to pay, it is increasingly important for us to communicate the difference. That is a main goal of mine for the next little while, and will probably be for a long time if I’m realistic about it.

And as the work side calms down I had a great check-up with my Doc this week. My blood is as good as it’s ever been, my “Mean Cell Volume” (MCV) is down, which is very good. A high MCV can be a “Pre-Leukemia” warning sign, and prior to my relapse my Doc was concerned about my high MCV. But all recent tests are showing it at a good level.

My weight is down, down further than my normal low weight and I’m working on getting that up. It’s a struggle for me it seems but one that I hope I can make great strides with as the weather warms and I can get outside and increase my activity.

All else is rocking and rolling, lots of Challenges some minor, some not so minor, and I’m working on them the same as all my Challenges “one step at a time, with love and support from family and friends, and with as much Positive Attitude as I have in me.” That mix always works for me.

And that’s where I am, a quick wrap-up. Won’t be long before I’m back again. Hope you are all great and we’ll connect again soon I’m sure.

Live life. Love life.


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