Shifting Gears: Funny How Things Happen

Shifting Gears: Funny How Things Happen

It is funny how despite the best intentions, despite effort to keep things a certain way, they often run away on their own, take on a life of their own, so to speak. Well once again that is what happened to me. Though I’m sure some would say that I didn’t really make an effort to keep things under control as it seems that I thrive on the craziness of event management and delivery. But that actually is not the case, I’ve tasted the other side and I like it, just have trouble getting there a lot of times.

This is my direct re-introduction to you, as I feel I must re-introduce myself to you who have gathered here in this virtual world to share in my experiences. I’m Geoff, this is the email group that I use to update you all on my experiences, and while I don’t write as often as I once did I will vow to keep in touch with you. And please know that you can always connect with me through this email address if there are things you have interest to take up with me directly.

The medical stuff: My blood is as good as it has ever been, since either Transplant, and while I have been a frequent visitor to the hospital in the past 6 weeks, it has only been for a minor rash that we think was a flare of Graft vs. Host Disease, for which I’m taking Prednisone and responding well. Other than that, the medical stuff continues to be solid. And I’m on this new drug that has forced me to stop shaving my head!! hehe. Kidding, but I have stopped shaving my head for the time being, it’s been about 3 months actually, and I do have a “little” bit of hair, and I mean little bit.

The “work” stuff: On Friday February 28th we launched the 3rd annual Coins for Cancer Drive, a 31 day Drive that sees us give out RealTime Cancer ribbons (yellow and blue, symbolic of Hope and Faith), collect coin to support our operations and I get back out to schools to this year talk about “Believing.” The Coins Drive wraps up on March 31st and is one of these things that I created in my head 2 1/2 years ago without really thinking about how much effort it would take to make happen.

And it’s not so much making it happen, but more how I like to make it happen, and it is the “how” that takes so much effort. It is the Coins Drive that I was referring to in my opening paragraph. And this year, forget this year, generally overall, I was really making the effort to keep things under control, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, well not as I expected.

And don’t get me wrong this is all good, no complaints, I’m just balancing the demands of building this little organization as the community continues to buy-in. It’s a nice coincidence that the community support hits new heights as my realization of our importance hits new levels too. It’s still a shock to me as I get out in new schools to realize that young people have tons of questions about Cancer, but they have no safe place to ask them.

Do they really have that many questions… I was in a gym last week with 500 Junior High students for 2 hours! They have questions, lots of them.

This Coins Drive has taken off to new levels, we have ribbons and collectors in over 100 outlets province wide. Who knows what will happen with the money side, but the awareness of what we are doing is definitely moving to new levels, and that will only open more doors as we create ways to very explicitly and subliminally talk to young people about the value of being Positive.

Outside of the work schedule I’m doing my best to rest and recharge, but you know that I’m not always good at that. However I did take this afternoon to come home and relax, and I when the Coins Drive is over in about 2 weeks I do plan to wind down considerably.

I have to say that it’s a pretty fantastic feeling to have your vision supported by so many people in any number of ways, having people join this email group every day and having organizations/businesses join the Coins Drive is another. Very good feeling to get that support from people in all corners of everywhere. However you have connected to us, I’m glad that you’re here and your presence is contributing to keeping us here for the long haul. Thank you.

Hope you’ve had a chance to get a ribbon, if not, please let me know and I’ll make that happen for you where ever you are, promise.

Have a fantastic day, and…

Live life. Love life.


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