Shifting Gears: Let Yourself Imagine… with Me

Shifting Gears: Let Yourself Imagine… with Me

A while ago I wrote a message and asked a collection of questions relating to all of you letting yourself “imagine.” That theme is back again tonight.

In just a little over a week I’m planning to bring another one of my dreams to life and take it from the “man I have to make this happen sometime” category and place it in the “holy shit that was amazing” category!

Wherever you are if I had a wish for you it would be that you could be here with me next Friday afternoon at Mile One Stadium. We are creating an event that will set records for provincial high schools and for national student leadership conferences. But that’s barely the beginning because next Friday afternoon we are going to challenge a massive group of people to “imagine” life in a new light.

Over two years ago, as I wrapped-up the first ever RealTime Cancer Challenge in three local high schools, I started to lay the foundation for the substantial expansion of the Challenge program. New schools, new regions, more students. In that process I created this idea to launch the second year of the program with all the St. John’s area high school students at Mile One Stadium.

I thought it would be such a boost to the program and such an amazing experience to have that many young people in one environment to hear my message about being Positive in the face of challenges.

Well, about a month later I relapsed as my Leukemia returned. Another one of my ideas, one of my dreams, that needed to be put on the shelf. But it was only ever put on the shelf, never scrapped, not for a second.

Not long after my relapse, as I recovered from my second Transplant, I was approached by my old high school, and original RealTime Cancer partner school, Prince of Wales to give a key-note address at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. Prince of Wales was hosting the 19th annual conference in the Fall of 2003.

Honestly I had two initial thoughts… sweet… and… I wonder if I’ll still be around to give that speech?

Well we are less than a week away, and I would never take this next week for granted, but it is my plan to be at Mile One Stadium next week to take this dream and make it reality.

Next Friday afternoon, I will be joined by a serious collection of exceptional people who will make up an amazing program around the theme “Imagine.” We will be joined by 700 student leaders and their advisors from across Canada and approximately 4,000 high school students from the Avalon East District.

I have asked to save space for any members of the community who want to experience this event, and we will do so. If you have interest to attend you can contact the Mile One Stadium box office or check out

Next Friday I will share my story, I will challenge the audience to see life and challenge in a new light, next Friday afternoon will be an afternoon that I will not forget. If it’s possible to change your life in an afternoon I have a feeling this might be the one that will do it.

I hope to see you there and you can count on hearing more about “Imagine… at Mile One.”

Live life. Love life.


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