Shifting Gears: No Need To Wait

Shifting Gears: No Need To Wait

This is a pretty special time of year, at least I feel it is. While I know that for many people it is an extremely stressful time and one filled with tough situations, I really believe that if you can focus on a few core parts of what (I believe) it’s really all about, this can be “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Those beliefs about this time of year I will share at a later date, for today my thoughts are more present moment oriented. It relates to every day being Xmas. I’m not talking about literally having the celebration every day, as even I can see how that would become redundant – though it might be fun to try for a little bit. What I am talking about is having the Xmas spirit everyday.

I know the Xmas spirit is a little different for everyone, but to me it is really the best part of Xmas. Sure the presents and stuff are great, but they aren’t the best parts.

I think it’s very important to have a time of year when we have a heightened awareness of giving to others, those who we care about and those who we don’t even know. At the age of 27 I have learned (a while ago actually) that the most amazing experience I can have in this life is the one that sees me make the effort to help someone else. That can be something very simple or complex, it can be helping them with a tangible gift they can touch, or with an intangible gift that simply touches them.

I have been telling the story of my months immediately after my university graduation lately. You see it was during the 6 months between my graduation and my diagnosis that I learned this really amazing lesson.

I was never really focused on money, or creating a mass amount of personal wealth, but I did have it in a significant place on my priority list. Then I graduated, made the transition from poor student to poor entrepreneurship, and it was during my first steps as a young Entrepreneur that I made this wild discovery… money had no success in motivating me. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about money, as I knew at some point I would need more or at least as much coming in as was going out. But the money wasn’t even on the list of things that motivated me… this was a new and interesting discovery for me.

I learned that it was the opportunity to make an impact, the opportunity to make a difference, the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and perspective, that was what made me run.

I feel blessed to have learned that lesson at an early age.

To me this time of year is all about making an impact, it’s about sharing yourself with others and I really believe there’s no need to wait until the 25th to do that, there’s no need to wait until December, there’s no need to wait at all.

Giving yourself, your time, your love, to others is one of those experiences that is a gift in itself, there’s no return required. Giving becomes the gift to yourself. Pretty amazing how that works really.

The days and weeks ahead will be filled with a whole bunch of stuff, and you can count on me sharing more of my thoughts about what this time of year is all about. Truth is my thoughts that relate to Christmas and very much the thoughts I have about life in general.

Give your love away, and it will come back bigger than when it left… I promise.
Live life. Love life.


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