Shifting Gears: Obviously Working

Shifting Gears: Obviously Working

It felt like a long time since I have written, a week or so I thought, then I just checked and it was on New Year’s Day. Too long ago, that’s how long. But I’m figuring that I’ll have to get used to this absence as my days are quite different when I’m working compared to when I’m not. I will definitely continue to stay in touch, but my frequency may not be what it used to be, truth is it already isn’t what it used to be.

I spent much of last week up on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, connecting with five schools. It was my first time up there, and the presentations in the schools were great. Similar but very different from any collection of schools I have visited, more questions than I have ever entertained in that setting. I have a rule when I speak and do Q&A sessions, and it states that you can ask me anything. The students last week took full advantage of their Principal’s willingness to have me come and speak and they asked tons of questions.

Last week’s trip, while it was physically exhausting and I’m still recharging, it was also emotionally exhilarating and it was another major reminder that there is a real need for my efforts. I really do know that RealTime Cancer is filling a void, a major one, but when you get running in the day-to-day schedule, hitting the Challenges involved with building an organization, that can sometimes get fuzzy. It does me good to have weeks like last week. It was another great reminder of the importance of my efforts, which helps make tackling those obstacles that much more “doable”.

I’ve fully let my mind get back to work, mostly only during working hours (mostly), after a different kind of holiday season. And I’m beginning to get geared up as I’ve told you the next 6 months will be really interesting. I can’t quite describe the feeling I get when I am in this position… but I’ll try.

I have an open sheet in front of me, at least regarding the development of the next step for RTC, and that really gets me going. When I get like this the creative juices flow, events, development plans, strategies and tactics to deliver the strategies, they all start running around upstairs in my head. No wonder I have trouble sleeping if I don’t wind down properly!

2 1/2 years ago I started up this bus called RealTime Cancer, and the bus started pretty slow (truth is I’d probably say that no matter how quickly things progressed) with a small core of schools supporting my vision from the first mile on the road, and then the bus picked up speed considerable speed (thanks to some major marketing support this happened oddly enough when I wasn’t working very much at all, not on RTC anyway) and now I’m back driving the bus full-time, still rebuilding but back behind the wheel. There’s this whole ton of awareness created around “the bus” and more and more people want to see the bus, be on the bus and support the bus in anyway they can. All of which is really amazing to me, can’t describe the feeling, but it’s warm and fuzzy, and it’s in my gut, and I like it.

Our bus is a sweet ride, and the next step for me is to layout the map of the journey to bring the tour to new places. There will be Challenges, as there always are, but when I have weeks like last week I feel like I can take on anything that stands in the way. So as I layout the road ahead I may be a little more scarce than I’d like, but I hope you’ll grant me permission to keep the bus rolling down the road. You can be sure I’ll check in with consistent updates from the road, and I’m sure I’ll be giving you all opportunities read about and support the Journey.

Live life. Love life.


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