Shifting Gears: One More Step

Shifting Gears: One More Step

Hey everyone, just writing with a brief update as I said I would. Went back to the hospital today for a second shot of IV antibiotics and I did make some progress last night as I didn’t feel I had a fever for the whole night. My sleep was a little disturbed, woke soaked in sweat a couple of times, which is not uncommon when I’m sick like this, but I got my rest. When I went to hospital today I did feel a marked difference from yesterday, still not ready for serious action but solid progress was made.

My Doc reassured me that if I don’t continue to make progress with these antibiotics I will have a direct route to 4 North A in the Health Sciences Centre here in St. John’s. While I’m extremely fortunate to live minutes away from the hospital I really prefer my own surroundings and am making a serious effort to stay well enough to stay out of hospital. I’m taking this one day at a time and focusing on getting to tomorrow’s appointment at lunch time. As I’ve said from the beginning…. what happens, happens. I know this and everything is for the right reason.

I’ve had a low grade temp most of the night which is finally starting to drop a little, I don’t feel too bad and I’m definitely ready for bed now. If I am to spike a temp over-night or I feel really unwell I will go straight to hospital. These past several years have taught me many things and one of them is the understanding of my body, and “I know when I have to go.”

I am expected back at the hospital tomorrow and Friday for antibiotics but I would suggest my docs are like me and they’re taking things one step at a time. There’s still no reason to worry, and I will tell you that is always the case, but all your messages and energy are very encouraging, thank you for them.

I will keep you updated on the steps as they happen.

Live life. Love life.


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