Shifting Gears: REAL

Shifting Gears: REAL

On the surface it may appear that the “real” in RealTime Cancer is there by coincidence. But there is no such thing as a coincidence, and yes it does definitely have a double meaning. The most obvious is what the word states… in “real-time”, as it’s happening, today right now. But the word “real”, while less obvious in our name, is perhaps more significant component of the name.

I’ll explain…

It’s probably over used now with “pop talk” (i.e. keep it real, etc) but the word is something I really believe in. It’s a synonym for a collection of other words I love… truth, honesty, integrity. That’s just my take and I want you to know it relates to everything I do in my life… at least I make the effort to have it relate.

I can tell you that in my professional life the ideals of “truth, honesty and integrity” are present in every action and in my every effort. And my personal life is no different.

The line between personal and professional gets blurry when taking about this email group. It certainly started as a personal effort but has since been adopted by RealTime Cancer, specifically when I decided to invite the community in over two years ago. But either way you look at it I feel it’s important to let you all know that I am always honest, truthful and yes, real when writing to you.

I talk about Positive Attitude a lot, in both major areas of my life, and I will tell you about my Challenges and always look for the Positive in them. While it can take great effort to see the Positives at times, I will tell you that it is something that comes natural for me. It is an effort that I have learned to love making.

The really important thing that I want you to know is that if I had to choose between being Positive and real, I would always choose real first. I believe we have to be real with ourselves first before we can truly make the effort to be Positive and tackle our Challenges. Now the word real means different things to different people, and I have explained some of what it means to me.

When I am being real with myself I am realistic about my situation and the road ahead. I look for varying perspectives as I feel appropriate and the most important step in the process is for me to get true, ‘real’ comfort with that situation inside in my gut. When I feel sound in my gut I know that I’m being honest with myself. Once that step has happened, tackling my Challenges all of sudden becomes so much more doable!

My “real” purpose for discussing this tonight is really to let you know that while I make the effort to be Positive with my Challenges always, it is being real with myself that comes first, always. I believe in my core that we are all best to deal with everything in our life when you are straight up and honest with yourself and others.

That’s your “Eaton’s Perspective” for tonight. I’m sure I’ll be back soon. Have a great week!

Live life. Love life.


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