Shifting Gears: Such a Major Step

Shifting Gears: Such a Major Step

To be honest I’m not quite sure I even understand the significance of a decision I made on Friday evening, two days ago. It may take a while to sink in for me but I feel it is significant for sure, very significant.

This past week has been quite eventful for me, many exciting and interesting things happening. Continued to connect with schools and students, share my story and Challenge them to join my “School Challenge Email Group” -. Friday was the public launch of the program, which we did with the Minister of Education, and it flowed very well… really good feeling inside during and after!

But perhaps even more significant than those schools presentations was a move I made on Wednesday morning, as for the first time in my life, and I mean since I started my own little business over 5 years ago, this Wednesday morning I got up, just like I do most any morning. I stretched for about 15 minutes (my morning yoga), as I do every morning, hopped in the shower, shaved my face and head as I do most every morning, dressed and had some breakfast, then I entered a whole new world, as I didn’t walk across the hall to go to my office… I got in my car and drove to my office! This week I made the move from a home-based office to what I’ll call an external environment, and I can feel the calm inside me already. Such a major difference and change in my mind-set.

I know what some of you are saying… it’s just another place for me to spend more time, and while I am presently here on Sunday night, I am and will be cautious about how much time I spend here, and can feel my level of effectiveness rising, thus ideally reducing my need to spend more hours working. Yes yes I know, it will be my tendency to work more if I’m more productive, and that is one of my biggest Challenges in this life, but I’m here and I’m working on it… one step at a time I’m working on it, and I’m making progress too!

But put that major step aside, as it isn’t the one I really want to tell you about. As my great week wound down and Friday evening approached I made a decision that I had never made before, not ever in my life, more specifically not ever in the past 4 plus years. As I cleared my desk on Friday afternoon and prepared to stop by and see a little buddy of mine at the hospital, I left empty handed… yes for the first time since I was originally diagnosed I willingly spent a night away from my computer.

My computer that has been by my side every step of the way on this journey, it spent the night, and weekend in fact, here at my office by itself. Major step for me, and not something that I can effectively explain I don’t think. This little contraption has been such a major source of comfort for me, as it connects me to all of you whenever I feel the need or want. But this weekend, both nights, I decided that I am going to try and make the commitment to separate my work and my life, as I read recently… the first is only part of the second.

While I love my work, and wouldn’t be doing anything else right now with my “working life”, I do have a life outside of my work and this week is a major step towards my continuous quest for balance. I said I was here and working on it, and I am. And I know I’m making progress too.

Wanted to share. Have another message in me soon as many of you have been asking about my time leading up to my original diagnosis. Back soon.
Live life. Love life.


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