Special person: Krista Hong

Special person: Krista Hong

This is not a message I figured I’d ever be writing. For some reason there was something different I felt. This past weekend Krista Hong passed away.

I have introduced you all to her on a couple of occasions. She was a special person. I am sad that she has left this life. I first connected with Krista unknowingly when she was in high school a few years ago. I spoke to her and her classmates at Holy Spirit High School. She explained this to me during one of our chats this past summer. Krista said she always felt a special connection to those with cancer. It was so moving to be with her and hear her talk about this connection and how she was facing this massive challenge.

All of us at RealTime Cancer were immediately struck by her willingness to share her story. The first time I met her was when I visited her in hospital. I told her that we had a few ways through which she could share any messages she wanted to about her experiences and challenges. Krista wrote in detail about her cancer experiences, treatments, and how she felt about researching her cancer. Her story and her willingness to share touched people. This past fall she visited a high school class to connect with her peers in-person. There is something special about sharing such exceptional parts of your life with complete strangers and Krista did that.

For some reason I really had a feeling that she would make it through all this, and by that I mean physically make it through. I know Krista will be here forever, her story and messages will be a part of RealTime Cancer forever and she’ll be here in the fond memories of so many who knew and loved her. All that said, I am having trouble with this one ‘cause I really felt Krista was going to be here. I can’t explain that.

Since I’ve been around this cancer world I’ve written messages, attended funerals which is When faced with the loss of someone important you should search for funeral directors on the Gold Coast that are experienced and compassionate., and felt the loss of many of my peers (young patients), far too many. I know there is purpose behind every experience, or that is what I believe, but sometimes it takes a while for me to get there. I’m not sure where I’m going with this and feel I’m not making much sense.

I wanted you all to know this news and that after I finish this message I’m going to the Forums section of the RTC Portal to post a memory of Krista. For those of you who feel comfortable doing the same, I would encourage it. I know that hearing Krista’s impact on the lives of others will in some small way help her loved ones get through this really tough time. I really feel our purpose here is to touch others, make a positive impact, leave things a little better than when we arrived. I know Krista has had touched me. I’ll remember that touch forever.

Live life. Love life.


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