Stay calm and get fit

Our gyms are going to be full for the next few weeks as people try to make good on those resolutions and get fit. Instead of getting frustrated from waiting for machines, take the next few weeks to try something new like tai chi.

Tai chi was created as a form as self defence but has become a tool for meditation and relaxation. It’s not as easy as it looks, either. Slow, controlled movements work your muscles much like yoga without as much strength training, the connection with your movement is great for the mind-body relationship, and the stretch feels great.

The MD Anderson Cancer Centre says “recent studies have indicated that tai chi enhances the immune system and relieves pain, anxiety and stress in cancer patients and survivors.”

Philosophically, tai chi balances your yin and yang. If you’re not into Chinese medicine, it’s also known to help improve balance, coordination, flexibility and decreases blood pressure, pain, stiffness, and depression.

Have a look and see if there are any groups offering tai chi in your area. Goodlife Fitness Clubs also include tai chi in some classes like Body Flow. If nothing else, check out some videos on YouTube and follow along.

Let’s start this year off calm, cool, and coordinated!