Supporting children when someone they care about has cancer (SC14Ignite recap)

June 23, 2014

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Andrea Warnick PhotoAndrea Warnick’s workshop, “Supporting children when someone they care about has cancer,” was a big hit at Survivor Conference 2014: Ignite with parents, siblings, and people who have young children in their lives who are trying to understand cancer.

She agreed to post her slides here for anyone looking for a refresher, or a couple of tips on helping to bring children into the conversation. Click here to view her slides.

Warnick is a nurse, educator, and therapist. Her clinical nursing work in oncology taught her that most families welcome guidance on how to explain a cancer diagnosis and prognosis to their children, which led her to focus her career in this area. She is the founder of several not-for-profit initiatives including the pediatric oncology fundraiser Balding for Dollars in BC. She currently runs her own education and counselling practice, Andrea Warnick Consulting.

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