Survey: Understanding Lymphoma 2010


There is a lot known about the top four cancers in the world with the result of wonderful research, media attention and education and awareness of General Practitioners and governments.  But, what is known about lymphoma, the fifth largest and a cancer that is on the rise is not yet sufficient.  We have come a long way with the excellent therapies we have to date but we need to better understand the lymphoma journey.  What are the biggest issues, what works and doesn’t work in the system, what does the general public or General Practitioners understand about lymphoma, and as we expect to find out, very little, so how can we change all this?

To aid us in our understanding and to support changes for the future, we ask that you take 5 – 8 minutes to fill out this Survey. You can do it on line, there is nothing to print off or mail in, all you have to do is click on Survey

Pass the link and have others fill it out as well.  You will join with patients, families, friends and caregivers from all over the world in participating and making a difference in the lives of those living with lymphoma.