Survive & Thrive Expeditions wants YOU to come on an adventure!

Bonnie Lang wanted to take a moment to let you guys know what she and Mikey have planned for Survive & Thrive Expeditions (STE) this year. While STE is no longer a part of YACC’s official programming, we encourage you to read what they have planned and apply for any trips you feel might help you along.

imageHey everyone! Although we’re all in the midst of winter, Mikey and I are already turning our thoughts toward the summer ahead. Why think about it while we’re still surrounded by snow and wearing down jackets? Because we’re building momentum for three exciting Survive & Thrive Expeditions trips in June, August, and September. We wanted to take a moment to share some specifics about the trips and invite you to come adventuring with us this summer (or even start thinking about a trip the following summer).

Who can go on a STE trip?

While we prefer people to have had experience in a group setting before (like a Retreat or Conference with YACC or another support group), we’re open to all young adult cancer survivors. If you’re cleared by your doctor (medical form provided by us for your doctor/s to sign off on) and are ready to be a part of a community, sharing openly and honestly in a supportive group setting, then you’re ready to come on a trip!

Why sign up?

If you’re looking for a different type of experience that gets you outside into a beautiful wilderness setting, challenges you physically and mentally, and brings you into a tight-knit, fun community, look no further. Stepping away from technology, responsibilities, and the distractions of everyday life gives you time to reflect, refocus, and rebuild your life post-treatment. Our goal is to help you identify, process, and apply the life lessons that can be hidden in a terribly difficult cancer experience. You are guaranteed to experience amazing views in beautiful country and have the chance to engage in discussion with fellow survivors about the important issues in life.

Where is STE going?

Kayaking the Owyhee River in Oregon, June: Join us for our fourth white-water kayaking expedition down the incredible canyons of the Owyhee River. You will spend eight days kayaking 72 km of Class III rapids with guides and survivors down one of the most diverse and inspiring rivers in the USA. To get a taste of the trip, check out the trailer for our film, Wrong Way to Hope, and continue to the STE Kayaking page for more details.

Rafting the Grand Canyon, August: Take advantage of this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and hop aboard for a rafting trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon! People literally wait years for a permit to raft this river and we have been given an incredible chance to fill two boats with survivors and trek down the river in the heat of summer, enjoying the cold water, amazing rapids, and beautiful hikes. Don’t hesitate! Sign up and read more details on the STE Rafting page.

imageSailing the Discovery Islands, September: At the tail end of the summer comes a beautiful sailing expedition around the Discovery Islands on the west coast of Canada. The trip includes learning basic navigation; camping on islands; whale, porpoise, and seal watching; hikes to lakes; cliff jumping; campfires; and great discussions each night. To know what to expect, check out our newest film, Ebb & Flow: Storytelling for Cancer Survivors. First come, first serve for this incredible expedition, so check out the STE Sailing page for more information.

Please consider joining us for an adventure this summer! And don’t hesitate to explore the Survive & Thrive Expeditions website, Wrong Way to Hope (to learn more about Mike and the kayaking trip), and my website to help you get fit before you come. We hope to see you out on the water–in a kayak, raft, or sailboat–with us this summer!

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