Survivor Conference 2010: Allow us to introduce you to chef Jay Holecek

August 2, 2010

                                                            Introducing to you the amazing Workshop with Chef Jay Holecek


If you are registered and confirmed to come to the conference, you will have the unique chance to spend Saturday morning with the young, dynamic, and original chef Jay Holecek!

Growing up in a variety of settings around America exposed Jay to many traditional practices but it wasn’t until he suffered illness and spent years neglecting his health while pursuing business success that he learned food has a direct impact on the health of our bodies, relationships, communities, and the environment.

Drawing on the wisdom of traditional cultures and current scientific studies, his passion is to educate, inspire, and nourish those in need. He views whole foods as preventative medicine and he stays up to date on current food issues and health concerns in order to create safe, sustainable menus. Jay loves to create new recipes share them with hungry friends and speak excitably about food with anyone who asks.

Currently he is providing a variety of services to individuals, organizations, and institutions around the country while being based in the San Francisco Bay area. He combines his training, knowledge and passion into a “therapeutic chef” service. This has enabled him to work with various individuals, catering companies, restaurants, and other organizations to provide menu consulting, recipe development, nutritional and cooking demonstrations and classes, resources, and encouragement.

Food Philosophy

Jay views whole foods as preventative medicine and a window into our lives that we can use to develop healthy relationships to every other important part of life. He stays up to date on current food issues and research and incorporates them into some of the wise food traditions to create the healthiest, most enjoyable meals. His approach incorporates environmentally supportive cooking practices that focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing the use of traditionally prepared, primarily organic, plant-based whole foods and humanely raised and pastured animal products — the way God intended it.

Cooking for Health

With a unique ability and experience in both the traditional cooking profession and the holistic health field, Jay’s services are focused on cooking for health, not just flavor or appearance as so many other cooks do. This approach places the health of the whole experience as priority in sourcing, preparing, serving, and discarding of excesses. By cooking and even living this way, one gains an even deeper satisfaction of what we hunger for by knowing that what we choose to eat is contributing to the health of everyone involved.

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If this does not make you want to come, I am not sure what will!

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