Survivor Conference FAQs

April 27, 2016

There are a few questions a lot of people seem to have about Survivor Conference: Ice  Cancer, so we made a handy go-to guide!

Q: How do I register for the Conference?

A: You can register online by clicking here. If you have any trouble with this, please email

Q: I require special assistance or have dietary restrictions, whom do I contact?

A: There is a section on the online registration form where you can list any special needs. You can also email Lesley Morrissey ( if necessary.

Q: What happens if I am registered and then I need to cancel?

We know that many things can happen between the time you register and the time you check-in at the conference. You will receive a full refund if you need to cancel before May 9, 2016. We will look at options of anyone who needs to cancel after May 9 for the following reasons:

If you are registered and you need to cancel due to personal reasons, you must email

Q: Do I need to book my own accommodations?

A: For the duration of the conference (checking in Thursday, June 9; checking out Monday, June 13) no, you do not need to book this. Once you register and are confirmed, we will take care of the booking. However, if you want to come early/stay late in St. John’s, you will need to arrange (and pay) for that yourself. The hotel is offering a discounted rate for those additional days if needed. Please be sure to make arrangements for any additional days early to ensure this special rate.

Q: How many people are in each room, and can we chose our roommates?

A: There will be two people to a room. If you are bringing a supporter, we will make sure you are able to room with them. For those of you coming on your own, you can request to share a room with another survivor if you know someone else who is coming. Otherwise, we try to match roommates based on gender, age, and diagnosis.

Q: My abilities change day to day. Will I be able to change my choices based on my abilities that day?

A: We absolutely want you to have the best experience possible at the conference. If you are not feeling up to participating in the free time activities or evening activities, please feel free to take some relaxation time. If on the day you are feeling better than ever, we hope you will take in everything you can.

We do encourage you to attend all of the keynote addresses and workshops, however, if you are unable to do so please let a staff member, or your roommate, know.

Q: I might have other commitments during the weekend of the conference, am I able to come and go as necessary over the weekend?

A: Currently our Survivor Conference is not set up so  people can come and go. It’s designed for participants to attend the whole conference.

The conference brings together a group of people who “get it” to connect and learn things that can help you move forward or beyond the cancer experience. Through the conference, we want to give you information that you can use to regain some of the control you may have lost — or felt like you lost — while dealing with cancer, and to feel supported at the same time. This takes time to do, and people won’t get the full experience or benefit if they are missing parts of the conference.

Over the past couple of years, we have had an overwhelming amount of interest in the Survivor Conference and have had a wait list of people who we are unfortunately not able to fit in. If participants were to leave for parts of the conference, it would mean an empty seat that could have been filled by someone on the wait list who could have attended the whole event.

Q: What insurance/medical travel insurance do I need?

A: Each province and personal insurance is different. Please make sure you consult with your provincial body and/or personal insurance to determine what you would need when travelling outside of your province. Also, do not forget to bring along your medical card, insurance cards, and photo IDs.

Q: What happens to the money I fundraise if it is more than the cost of my plane ticket to the conference?

A: Any extra money raised by conference participants goes directly into the Expansion Pack. There are typically 10-15 young adult patients/survivors left on the wait list each year, and the only way to get them to the event is with extra funds. This extra money will help add spaces to bring your “brothers and sisters” to the conference.

Q: What is the dress code for the Conference?

We want you to be comfortable. No three-piece suits are necessary for a YACC conference. Feel free to wear your “Saturday best” such as jeans and sneakers, jogging pants and flip-flops, and anything else that you can chill out in and be comfortable. There is a pool at the hotel, so you may want to pack your bathing suit/trunks, and there are some nice walking trails nearby, so a comfy pair of shoes would also be convenient.

Q: What should I wear to the banquet Sunday night?

A: You can wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but some people take this opportunity to put on their party clothes and shake it up from the more casual clothes we’ve been in all weekend at the workshops and sessions. There will be dancing, so make sure your shoes are comfy!

YACC Survivor Conference - Ice Cancer Branding - RGB - Transparent BackgroundQ: My question is not listed in this section, who do I contact for more details?

A: Please contact Lesley Morrissey, Community Engagement Manager, at or via phone at (709) 700-1977 or (toll free) 1 (877) 571-7325.



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